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cheap jordans from china And here’s another gem from that same „confrontation“ that Family Friendly Fox News‘ O’Reilly forgot to air (he showed a second or two of it without audio then cut away). Note the baby starting to cry at about 2:05 into the video (you have to watch the baby’s face closely); in the background you can hear someone say, „the little guy’s crying.“ So, this dad brings his infant to a rally where God only knows what might happen , froths at the mouth at the CNN Reporter, Susan Roesgen Cheap jordans shoes , drops the F bomb, and doesn’t consider the possibility that his tiny child might where to find cheap jordans online be a little terrified of the yelling, screaming, mob scene and this father is so worked up he doesn’t even notice his baby’s distress? Another poster child for the movement. But O’Reilly was much too busy denigrating Susan Roesgen to air a pesky little clip which might actually portray the dark underbelly of these protests cheap jordans from china.