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canada goose As a result, has taken on a humorous symbolic value try asking Siri what the secret of life is. But now there a new kid on the block, a new number that will probably lead to all sorts canada goose outlet uk of nerdy jokes. And it is a very weird number indeed: 1/12.. Much easier to complain about microaggressions than to lobby, or fundraise, or simply rail on about income inequality, canada goose outlet online uk say.In many ways, the more trivial the conflict is, the more likely it is that you can affect change, either because the opposing side cares about canada goose outlet nyc bigger things (so you can outlast them), or there is not really an opposing side at all. I think a lot of appeal of complaining about microaggressions is that it has a much higher chance of leading to quick gratification. A small change on a college dorm menu because the administration has bigger things to worry about (as does everyone else who thinks the complaint is absurd) is a nice little ego boost for the complainant, and an easily construed small victory for progress.Real problems are hard to tackle canada goose.