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canada goose It should be glossed over along with all other failed and discarded theories (astrology, alchemy, phrenology, etc.) in a section on the history of science, canada goose outlet nyc but that pretty much it.This paragraph is there for one reason only, to immunize the bill’s sponsors against charges of violating the First AmendmentYes, but it worth explaining that further, if only to highlight the evil of what these legislators are doing. If a school starts teaching creationism, gets sued, and tries to defend itself by saying it was following the law, this clause allows the legislators to throw that school administration under the bus. To say we didn mean creationism, we said right there that we didn mean anything religous! So canada goose outlet canada it not our law that the problem, it that bad administration which didn follow it! it doesn canada goose outlet shop immunize the government from charges or civil penalties, what it does is immunize legislators from having to pay anything or participate in suits where th government is found to canada goose outlet toronto factory be at fault.It a low, low move. canada goose

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