canada goose uk shop This was wholly unnecessary and an apparent act of intimidation. The UK court rules the seizure of his money was unlawful, he intends to seek compensation and misfeasance claims against both the police and the Bank of England.In a statement, a spokeswoman for City of London Police said: can confirm that there is an ongoing civil claim in relation to this case and as a result we will not be commenting any further. Shahar says central banks around the world, including in Australia, Canada, the US, Switzerland and Sweden, were attempting to avoid their obligations to redeem withdrawn or damaged currency Australia, he is locked in an impasse with the Reserve Bank, which in 2014 updated its Damaged Banknotes Policy without warning to effectively freeze out the commercial redemption of damaged currency.The previous policy very little about the rationale for the Bank Damaged Banknotes Facility, beyond aiming to have only good quality banknotes in circulation an RBA spokesman said in an earlier statement.revised policy makes clear that the Damaged Banknotes Facility is only offered to members of the public who have unwittingly come into possession of damaged banknotes or those whose banknotes are accidentally damaged, with the aim of ensuring that they do not face financial hardship. canada goose uk shop

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