cheap air force So let’s talk a little about this panel. As I previously posted when Fox News‘ Eric Shawn had another „Fair and Balanced Panel“ with Pinkerton, Powers and Miller (at least this time we were spared Andrea Tantaros), Jim Pinkerton, a Fellow of super cheap jordans for sale the New America Foundation, was a cheap jordans authentic speaker at RightOnline’s conference, sponsored by none other than Americans for Prosperity (yes, the same organization who organized the town hall meeting revolts). I guess he’s, like, a self described „media expert.“ And Miller well, this former Times reported who’s now just one more „analyst“ for Fox News at one time went to jail to cheap jordans 11 for sale „protect a source“ which sounds pretty good and full of integrity and all that, except, as reported by the Huffington Post, Miller „didn’t go to jail to preserve the integrity of journalism; she went to jail to protect Scooter Libby and her complicity in the Bush administration’s successful selling of a bogus war, as well as the White House’s desperate attempts to keep its misleading of the American people under wraps.“ And Lowry gee, he’s a glass half full kind of guy, having recently written an article in the Indiana , Pennsylvania Gazette (WTF?) on how the Republican Party can rise to power again.. cheap air force

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