His many interests included hunting, fishing, camping, exploring the world, foraging for wild foods, gardening, making maple syrup, bread, sourdough pancakes and his famous soups. Arne was happiest when he was with his family and loved ones. Preceded in death by parents and brother Jim, Arne will be deeply missed by his survivors including brother Ken (Lou) and sister, Mary Jean (Lawrence Kidd); wife Shirley; children Joe (Angelina), Arne Christopher (Ellen), Tim, Pete (Teresa Sullivan), Mary (Chris Steffen), Deanna (Hugh Gallagher), Jenny (Abel Mendiola), Theresa (Stuart Fairley), Katie, AnnMarie (Pat); grandchildren Haley (Joey Lindmeier), Cece, Ben (Olle), Aida, Gus, Lulu, George, Eddie, Alice, Seamus, Lowenna, Linus, Rio, Hazel, Arne Lucas, Henry, Kennet, Imogene, Mikey, Rosa Mae, Peregrine; great grandchildren Eva Marie, Maddie, Cameron, Brynleigh; sisters and brothers in law; and last but not least Lily his faithful dog.

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