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replica goyard handbags Mother of five Karen Land wants to raise money in the hope of spending more precious time with her children but a cruel troll has told her to stop begging for cash (Image: Lincolnshire Live)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA cruel troll sent a mum fundraising in a desperate bid to stave off terminal cancer a heartless not saying „Stop begging for cheap goyard money!“Mother of five Karen Land was told that she had two aggressive brain tumours in August last year just weeks after being given the all clear from breast cancer.Tumours were also found in the firefighter’s lungs on October 4 after she continued a tight schedule of scans and treatment.A JustGiving account for Karen has raised more than of the needed for immunotherapy treatment in Germany.“Why do you still want people giving money to you?“What will happen to to money when there is no cure for you?“The card had a stamp on it but had not been sent by post worrying Karen that it may be from somebody she knows.Karen, of Retford, Lincolnshire, said: „I was just shocked that someone would do that to somebody in my position.“I don’t understand how someone can be so bothered about my life that they go to the effort to do something like that.“I’m not angry, I would have liked to have discussed the issue with them. I goyard replica st louis tote think I’m inclined to say that they’re more to be pitied.“Police officer ‚threatened to take dad’s kids into care‘ as ’40 to 50 cops‘ turned up at family homeKaren posted her frustration on Facebook, after going from sitting in a fire engine to hardly able to walk up a flight of stairs.She says that she is touched by the support she has received since the card arrived.“I have been bombarded by messages of support on Facebook,“ she said, „I like to get around and message everyone back, but I struggled to keep up because there were that many messages.“Everybody has been really positive.“Speaking last year, Karen said that she won’t stop fighting the cancer.Baby rushed to surgery after being hit by car that killed his young mumShe said: „I don’t want to get myself best goyard replica reddit down about the news. I am determined as ever to fight and stay positive; I don’t want this to take over the times I am supposed to be enjoying.“I always wake up in the mornings feeling upbeat with a smile on my face. replica goyard handbags

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