(She is advocating removal: look at the title of her petition.)In other words, she sees this painting as child pornography, presumably encouraging child sexual abuse. Fortunately, the Met refused to cave; the Museum chief canada goose outlet new york city communications officer, Ken Weine, said this:“Moments such as this provide an opportunity for conversation, and visual art is one canada goose jacket outlet of the most significant means we have for reflecting on both the past and the present and encouraging the continuing evolution of existing culture through informed discussion and respect for creative expression.“Good for them; would that every Museum would respond this way!Now I can barely see the usefulness of having a sign like the one the petition mentions for acollection or exhibitof such paintings, but how do you do canada goose black friday sale that for a single painting? Answer: you don The image may be sexualized, but it not child porn, and canada goose outlet shop were we to ban it, we have to banLolita by Nabokov, canada goose outlet online uk or at least put a big trigger warning on the cover. We have to ban all paintings of Leda and the Swan, which depict the rape of Leda by Zeus in cygnid form; here one after canada goose outlet toronto factory Michelangelo:(from Wikipedia): Leda and the Swan, a 16th century copy after a lost canada goose outlet jackets painting by Michelangelo (National Gallery, London)Leda and the Swan paintings could encourage not only child abuse but bestiality.

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