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moncler jackets outlet online Train operator blames ‚dog on the line‘ for delays as new timetable causes travel chaosGovia Thameslink Railway has continued to receive a steady stream of complaints and queries owing to the new train timetable’Chaos and a shambles‘ In Cambridge, passengers endured a hellish start to the week as the new timetable sparked delays, confusion and cheap moncler coats anger across the network.There was major disruption across dozens of routes as seven times more alterations than normal were made to train schedules due to new services being launched.Rail customers across the south east of England were affected by the changes and morning rush hour was dubbed „chaos“ and a „shambles“ by disgruntled commuters.Brighton’s main station was unusually quiet for peak time on Monday moncler jacket sale morning with few problems to report.Some suggested this may have been because commuters chose to stay away or use alternative transport for fear of delays while the changes were introduced.Train times are changing on Sunday: This is what the new May timetable means for youServices between 7.30am and 8.30am from the station appeared to run smoothly, although there were some problems earlier in the morning, with complaints about the first new services from the city to Cambridge.Banker Peter Izard said on Twitter: „New Railplan2020 timetable off to a great start if you wish to catch new direct service from Brighton to Cambridge 1st 2 services of day cancelled for operational reasons (lack of train crew) teething issues or more concerning.“But others praised the addition of the route and the increased number of services through London Bridge, saying this would make their journeys easier.Alice Shia, who commutes from Burgess Hill to Farringdon, said the new timetable was „rubbish“ because the trains were not evenly spread, adding: „Why are the intermediate stations left moncler outlet for 30 minutes at peak time with no train and two in 15 minutes?“Angela Davis said her husband was resorting to driving to work after the timetable change saw his journey increase by an hour and a half because of cuts in the number of direct trains between Brighton and Hastings.Why a revamped London station is a huge deal moncler factory outlet for Cambridge train usersIn Lewes, the average journey time of trains to London Victoria has reportedly been increased to 68 minutes, which is said to be three minutes slower than the fastest trip in 1912.Lewes MP Maria Caulfield said on Twitter: „We are only on day 2 of the new timetable which has seen significant loss of services for my constituents and there is already an amended timetable out with further losses because GTR can’t cope.“This has to be the final straw. GTR must lose franchise now.“(Image: Getty Images Europe)The infamous 7.29am service from Brighton to London which hit the headlines as the worst in Britain after not arriving on time at 8.35am once in 2014 no longer exists. There is now a 7.27am service on weekdays which arrives in Victoria at 8.28am.A GTR spokesman said: „Unfortunately there was a dog on the line between East Grinstead and Dormans which caused delays to three trains. moncler jackets outlet online

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