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purse replica handbags (AP Photo/Milen Valchev/Haskovska Marits Newspaper)Fritz Joly Joachin, 29, was arrested Jan. 1 as he tried to cross into Turkey, under two European arrest warrants, one citing his alleged links to a terrorist organization and a second for allegedly kidnapping his 3 year old son and smuggling him out of the country, said Darina Slavova, the regional prosecutor for Bulgaria southern province of Haskovo.met with Kouachi several times at the end of December, Slavova said.The Kouachi brothers and their friend, Amedy Coulibaly, the man who killed four hostages in the Paris grocery, died Friday in clashes with French police. All three claimed ties to Islamic extremists in the Middle East the Kouachis to al best replica designer bags Qaida in Yemen and Coulibaly to the Islamic State group.One of the police officials said the Paris terror cell consisted of about 10 members and replica bags from china that or six could still be at large, but he did not provide bag replica high quality their names. purse replica handbags

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